Warehouse Policies

Incoming charges for all products of a single item received on a full pallet will have an "IN" charge of $11.55 per pallet. Incoming charges for all products of mixed items received on a pallet will have an "IN" charge of $0.80 per case. A packing list must be received prior to the products arriving. This list must include item codes, item descriptions, and quantities of what is on the shipment. Once the product has been checked in and inbounded into inventory, a confirmation email will be provided.

Incoming import containers require an appointment and must be made with PWD no less than 24 hours in advance of receiving the products. A shipping manifest detailing all expected items and quantities must also be sent prior to the arrival. All containers are subject to a container hand-unload fee of $0.85 per case when cases are received un-palletized by the carrier. Containers with palletized content are subject to the standard incoming charges.

Outbound charges apply when orders are being picked up by a third-party carrier. Products staged for outbound on a mixed pallet incur a charge of $0.80/case along with a build/shrink wrap fee of $28.95/pallet. Outbound orders that require an immediate pickup are subject to our same day pickup fees of $25.00 along with an expediting fee of $35.00 if applicable.


PWD's warehouse acknowledges that PWD is acting as a mere bailee and the storer shall not ship goods to PWD as the named cosignee.
As bailee, PWD maintains no beneficial title nor interest in the goods that it stores on behalf of the storer.

Inventory Policies

Storage fees apply to the total cases on hand at month's end. Storage fees for inventory is billed at $0.54 per case or $95.00 minimum per month if applicable. Storage fees for non-movement of inventory is set at $1.10 per case (min. of 15% movement from previous month required). 

Storage counts are pulled based on the quantities from Clearly Inventory at month's end. Please note it is heavily advised that customers should keep their own transaction reports in the event there is a discrepancy with Clearly Inventory. 

Inventory Management
All products stored at PWD are input into Clearly Inventory. A username and login will be created for the customer once the first shipments arrive and have been checked in by the warehouse. Inventory is deducted the next business day after an order is delivered/out-bounded.

Inventory Evacuation/Customer Move-Out
Prior to the release of any remaining inventory, a final invoice will be generated and must be paid in full. 
PWD reserves the right to withhold inventory until payment for all outstanding invoices has been received.

Delivery Policies

Attempted/Incorrect Deliveries
Any attempted delivery which is incorrect due to a PWD error will be corrected as soon as possible at PWD's expense. Any delivery which cannot be completed or is refused at no fault of PWD's will receive a normal delivery charge. If an order needs to be re-attempted at no fault of PWD's, additional delivery charges will incur. Any product exchange or product addition subsequent to an order that has already been completed will be considered a separate delivery. 

Orders are subject to a $9.75 fee if PWD is responsible for collecting a check, money order, or other method of payment during a delivery or outbound order. PWD will wait a maximum of 15 minutes to collect payment. Any time waited after the initial 15 minutes will be subject to wait time fees.

Wait Time
PWD will wait a maximum of 15 minutes for a delivery to be made if the delivery was attempted within the account's invoiced delivery window or if PWD is on time for an appointment. Orders requiring a longer wait time will be subject to a charge of $25.00 for each additional 15 minutes of wait time.

Proof of Delivery Receipts
Signed copies of invoices/bill of ladings are mailed to PWD customers at the start of the week, following shipment. If daily PODs are desired, either via email, fax, or FedEx, please contact PWD for the appropria

Order Processing

All orders must be emailed to our PWD order desk and are subject to an order processing/invoice handling fee of $0.65/order.
Copies of the original documents are made and used for the delivery. The original email is kept on hand for 30 days.

Orders that require PWD to create an invoice or BOL to be used for delivery will be subject to a BOL generation fee of $5.00 in addition to the processing fee. 

Order cut-off time for South deliveries is 4 PM
Order cut-off time for North deliveries is 3 PM

Any orders submitted after this time are subject to our late order fee of $10.00. 

Please submit all South orders to
Please submit all North orders to

Appointments (DSD/Chain Stores)

Orders requiring an appointment will be subject to a minimum fee of $8.00 per appointment. All necessary information needed to schedule an appointment must be provided by the customer to PWD. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact PWD with any revised appointment requests.

All appointment requests must meet a 10 case minimum requirement. If this minimum is not met, the customer will still be billed for a 10 case delivery/pickup.

Please submit all appointment requests to

Liability of PWD Merchandise

PWD is not liable for any loss or damage to merchandise stored, however caused, unless such loss or damage is caused by our negligence. Our rates and charges do not include fire, earthquake or other hazard insurance. It is the responsibility of the storer to arrange its own insurance coverage. Claims for merchandise lost, broken or damaged by PWD must be made in writing to PWD within 30 days of the date of purported loss. With the exception of “breakage or unexplained shortages”, as discussed below, PWD will not be responsible in any way for any alleged defect in or damage to the customer’s cased goods while in the possession of PWD, or the consequences thereof. The maximum liability to be reimbursed to the customer for “breakage or unexplained shortages” will be limited to the cost value per case, pro-rated for any partial cases, not to exceed $200.00 per case. PWD will have no liability for breakage caused by improper packaging or glass and cork imperfections. Reimbursement for approved breakage or unexplained shortages will be in the form of an accounts receivable credit memo and immediately applied to open invoices with any remaining credit balance left on account. Please contact accounting for information on which invoice(s) a particular credit memo is applied to. All of PWD’s rates and charges are based on this formula for liability. If you require additional coverage, we suggest you contact your insurance provider.

* Please note that PWD will not reimburse for any stained or torn labels, or damaged foil, cartons or packaging.